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Independent Medical Examinations (IME)

Independent Medical Examinations are often required to answer specific medical questions, including the relationship of diagnosis to the specific injury, accident or illness; further treatment recommendations; extent of permanent impairment or disability; and other information as needed. 


With Medical Concerns, you can trust that our IME experts are objective and reliable. Our practicing IME physicians  possess a broad range of credentials, as well as board certification in their respective specialties.

An IME review will be scheduled within two weeks of request.

The fee for this service will be quoted at the time of request and is based on physician specialty and report requirement.

Radiology Review

A Radiology Review is an interpretation and impression of imaging studies by a board certified radiologist. This review is completed within two weeks of submission of imaging studies and payment.  The findings of this review will be reported on Medical Concerns letterhead. 


The fee for this service is $750 and includes review of up to 10 images. 


Please contact our office for a price quote on more than 10 images.

My Approach

Medical Evaluation

A Medical Evaluation of records will provide a brief overview of the care received and answer all questions.


All Medical Reviews are completed by actively practicing medical personnel that provide the same care as your treating physician or healthcare professional. This review is completed within 5 weeks of submission of medical records and payment.


The findings of this report will be provided on on Medical Concerns letterhead.  


The base fee for this service is $1000*.

Do not send original records. Copies must be single-sided.

*Voluminous records and certain medical specialties will increase the base fee.



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